The Story of Colour at Uffizi

I have a thing for colours, for those strange and mostly unknown (to the modern world) materials that – under the hand of skilled artists – turn a piece of wood into a painting: pigments!

Still colours are powerful symbols and have countless different meanings today as in the past times. I believe that this experience will give you the key to interpret and look at art in a new perspective.

Although this is a very unconventional tour of the Uffizi Gallery, I will present you the highlights of the museum. Join me in this entertaining talk though the main rooms of the Uffizi and some off-the-beaten-path spaces of the museum.

What colours used Botticelli to paint his famous “Birth of Venus”? How did Michelangelo used a brush? How much did Leonardo spend for one of his paintings? In this journey through art history, colour is the protagonist, in every shade possible.

Jumping from one book to the other on the argument I didn’t only enrich my knowledge of Renaissance artists, but I also came to believe that colours are a fun approach to art!

We are surrounded by colours and our perception of them is the perfect way to start the experience of art.

Price: 200,00 €Duration: 02h30

“I had a great time with Valentina, she is indeed knowledgeable and speaks impeccable english. The uses of colors were really interesting, it changed the perspective of how I’m seeing each piece now. Really recommended to join her tour.”
Mia, November 2019
“Valentina was lovely. Her passion and knowledge of the subject matter have such an appreciation to the works that we viewed. It was especially unique to view works of art from a specific focused point of view, in this instance, from the point of view of the use of color. There are guides and there are those who have studied art and also who are passionate about it, this is Valentina. This is a great experience for an informed art lover or a casual observer.”
Dawn, September 2019
“We had a great evening, and learned so much, and about the building too! Great to look at the remarkable art works from a new perspective: the colours, pigments and medium used, the history of and innovations of the painters. Very enriching and all family members loved this, thank you Valentina.”
Mary, September 2019
“This is an amazing, fascinating, and unique tour with a highly qualified guide. Valentina charmingly tells the story of some of Italy’s trickiest colors and famous artists. It is long enough to be very thorough without dragging on too long. I highly recommend!!”
Hannah, August 2019
“Valentina was a great host! She was warm, friendly, and extremely accommodating. The tour was fun and we were able to connect in a deeper way to the painting she introduced us to. Valentina was very knowledgeable and we enjoyed our tour a lot! I can highly recommend taking advantage of this different view on the masterpieces of the Uffici gallery. Thank you!”
Katia, August 2019
“Valentina was fantastic. We were traveling with older teenagers and they all said that it was their favorite of all the tours. The way Valentina wove the story about color and art was fantastic. If you are looking for something more then a standard tour I would highly recommend this experience.”
Will, June 2019
“I’ve been to the Uffizi before and checked off a list of famous works to see, but this opened my eyes to a whole different level of understanding about the works. From how colors were made over time, the popularity of colors over time, the introduction of perspectives, and the restoration process of art. Valentina is so kind and makes sure everyone fully sees through the mastery of a historian’s eyes.”
Chasten, May 2019
“Wonderful introduction to this museum from the curated eye of Valentina. The study of color is fascinating, and gives a unique perspective on art history.Valentina gave me knowledge that I couldn’t have found on may own, and left me with a much deeper appreciation and perspective of art.”
Kim, April 2019

“Valentina’s tour at the Uffizi Gallery was amazing! She led as along the highlights of the museum and told about the painters and themes in the paintings using different fact about color. It made the tour different than a regular museum tour. I now remember some of the works more because of Valentina’s story and it also made me look up some things on the Internet after the tour. I certainly recommend Valentina as your guide at Uffizi!”

Baiba, March 2019

“Valentina’s tour was such an interesting and fun way to explore the Uffizi! My wife and I loved it. She was extremely knowledgeable about all of the art, and it was unique to get to explore the museum with a focus on color. It made visiting the Uffizi so much exciting and fun than if we were by ourselves. Valentina has a fun and outgoing personality that makes the whole tour fun – not at all like a boring art history lecture in school! We very much recommend it!”

Luciano, January 2019

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