The best way to discover Florence’s rich history is to stroll down the narrow streets and let its marvellous views unfold in front of your eyes. You can choose between enjoying a basic introduction to the city’s highlights in my Classic Walking Tour, or learning about a powerful family in my Medici Tour or even unearth the other half of the story in my tour Women of the Renaissance.


Women of the Renaissance

In this tour I try and lend my voice to tell the stories of great women of the past. These famous ladies were many and left their sure mark on the history of Florence. Whether man or woman book this tour to see the city highlights through new lenses.

Price: 200,00 €
Duration: 02h30



The Medici family ruled Florence for centuries and together with the history of the city they also changed its appearance. Walking in the centre of Florence you will listen to the life stories of the famous Medicis and discover the beautiful works of art they created here.

Price: 165,00 €
Duration: 02h30


Florence Walking Tour

This tour is the perfect introduction to the city of Florence. The presentation of the major sites and monuments, such as the Duomo, the Signoria and the Ponte Vecchio, will allow you to orientate in the broad history and in the ample art scene culminating in the Renaissance.

Price: 120,00 €
Duration: 02h00