The Tuscan landscape has been redesigned and nurtured from the Renaissance time and it is especially in the art of gardening that Florence created an eternal masterpiece: the Italian garden. Discover a gem in the city center in my Boboli Garden Tour or dive into the countryside to avoid the tourist crowds in search of the Medici escapes in my tours of the villas around Florence.


Learn to garden like a Medici

This tour takes you to the gardens of the Pitti Palace, the residence of the Medici family from the Renaissance age. The Boboli Garden is the supreme example of Italian Renaissance garden. Garden lovers should not miss this tour that will unveil the secrets of each plant and flower in the gardens.

Price: 165,00 €
Duration: 02h30



The Medici family had many villas around Florence, but Castello surpasses the others with regard to gardens. In this tour you will learn how Cosimo de’ Medici transformed the place in the apotheosis of his power. With its Renaissance layout Castello is a top destination to understand the spirit of the age.

Price: 120,00 €
Duration: 02h00


A Garden with a View

Visit the garden with the best view in Florence in this tour. You can let the city skyline unfold in front of your eyes while listening to the story of this peaceful place in the city centre. During the tour you will also enjoy with the other senses the treasures of every corner of this flowering garden.

Price: 100,00 €
Duration: 01h30