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Hello, my name is Valentina. I am an Art Historian and professional licensed Tour Guide offering in-depth, customised tours in Florence. Firenze is my hometown and I love to share my passion for its art and history.


The best tours of Florence

Here is a selection of the variety of tours I offer in Florence divided into three groups for the sake of easy consultation. Please keep in mind that I lead tours in all museums, churches and places of interests in and around Florence. With my competence and experience I can design the perfect tour for you, from the essential orientation tours of Florence to unique bespoke experiences.

Art & History

The best way to discover Florence’s rich history is to stroll down the narrow streets and let its marvellous views unfold in front of your eyes. You can choose between enjoying a basic introduction to the city’s highlights in my Classic Walking Tour, or learning about a powerful family in my Medici Tour or even unearth the other half of the story in my tour Women of the Renaissance.


The Tuscan landscape has been redesigned and nurtured from the Renaissance time and it is especially in the art of gardening that Florence created an eternal masterpiece: the Italian garden. Discover a gem in the city center in my Boboli Garden Tour or dive into the countryside to avoid the tourist crowds in search of the Medici escapes in my tours of the villas around Florence.


The long history of Florence and the resulting cultural heritage are outstanding and make it almost impossible to name every museum or church in town. Choose from a selection of tours I dedicate to the world-class museum, the Uffizi Gallery, from the evening tour to my bestseller Story of Colour at Uffizi, or browse the other Florentine art galleries.


What my guests say

“We appreciated Valentina’s extensive and profound knowledge of the art, sculpture, history, politics, and architecture of Florence. Her manner and guidance are superb and highly professional. We highly recommend her services as a private guide without reservation”.

Barry, May 2022

“I really enjoyed the Story of Colour tour with Valentina. She has a vast knowledge of the works she focused on and I personally prefer picking out a few specific works of art to discuss since I always get so overwhelmed in galleries. And I appreciated her unconventional approach and learned about aspects and history of the art that I might not of even really considered. I only wish I had a recording or a transcript of everything she talked about because it was very fascinating and I don’t remember it all. If I did it again I would take more pictures and take down some notes either during or after the tour to assist my memory. It’s something you want to remember. I highly recommend this tour!”

Kristin, September 2019

“This was a great tour and a wonderful way to see the Uffizi for the first time. I so appreciated Valentina’s deep knowledge of her subject and the organization of the tour around the theme of color. It’s a brilliant way to streamline what could otherwise be an overwhelming experience. Valentina was very engaging and professional. I really recommend this tour!”

Leslie, September 2019

“Booked Valentina’s tour as a 21st birthday present for my daughter, who is an art student. Great communication from Valentina made it easy to book a private tour and to meet her by the Uffizi. It was great to have someone with the knowledge to get our pre-booked tickets quickly and to make our way into the gallery. My daughter’s main interest is Renaissance art, but by starting with Giotto, we built up a good knowledge of the use and symbolism of colour. Having a private tour enabled us to ask all the questions we wanted to and it was fantastic to be guided around the main pieces of work on display. Valentina cared enough about my daughter’s interest to recommend a visit to the Palazzo Vecchio the next day and she was allowed to take notes for her dissertation. We really enjoyed our experience with Valentina, she was interested in what we wanted to see, extremely knowledgeable about her subject and delightful to be with. I thoroughly recommend her tour.”

Karen, June 2019

“Valentina is absolutely an expert in her field. Her tour not only takes you through the highlights of the Uffizi Gallery, but her commentary on colour and pigments shine a new light on these famous works. She has a gift for storytelling, and connecting each piece together. While this isn’t my first visit to the Uffizi, I felt like I was able to understand things in a much deeper way, as Valentina could point out unique details that are easily overlooked. About our booking, the Uffizi cancelled the usual after hours times with very short notice, and Valentina was absolutely accommodating to help find a new time that fit both our schedules. She stayed in constant contact throughout. I would highly recommend her tour to anyone who is interested in art history”

Angie, June 2019


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