Renaissance Classics

The finest collection of Renaissance art is to be found inside the Uffizi Gallery making this museum a must-see for anyone interested in art.

With the reservations that I will make head of time you will skip the long lines outside to ascend quickly to the top gallery where the Medici kept their precious art collections. In this private tour the history of art will unfold for you while I bring the masterpieces to life.

The two hours lenght of the classic tour will give you enough time to engage with art at your own pace and to enjoy a slow walk in the beautiful corridors.

I will also present you the personality of the great artists such as Giotto, Masaccio, Botticelli, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raffaello, Tiziano and Caravaggio. Remember that each tour can be taylored to your special interests or needs.

If you’re travelling with your family and children don’t be intimidated by the sheer size of the museum, because I have come up with an interactive kid-friendly tour to suit different ages.

Price: 120,00 €Duration: 02h00

“This experience is just the perfect way of seeing the Uffizi gallery, Valentina had selected particular paintings as highlights of the collection. It was the perfect amount of time and i felt we got more from our visit to the gallery than we would every have alone. She is very knowledgeable and engaging, her english is fantastic and very welcoming.”

Laura, September 2019

“This was a very special tour of the Uffizi! Valentina is a wonderful guide with a lot of knowledge and she shared her passion for Florence Renaissance art during the tour.”

Claudia, July 2019

“What a special experience. Valentina is not only a lovely person, but also incredibly knowledgeable. She catered the tour based on my interests. I am so thankful for having signed up for this, and to have met Valentina. Highly recommend this for anyone!”

Julia, May 2019

“A perfect way to see the Uffizi Gallery. Valentina was engaging with the kids. She clearly loves art & inspired us to love the works as well”

Bonnie, June 2019

“Fun and enlightening experience. Better, than a typical tour of the Uffizi because she was talking about her personal studies and sharing her excitement about color. I consider the purpose of art is to somehow change my perspective in some way to experience life a little differently than before I experienced it. I took the tour with Valentina yesterday, and all of the art I saw today looked completely different, almost as if the artists were contemporaries rather than from centuries ago. I think that is pretty powerful.”

Marsha, June 2019

“My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Valentina! She was charming, passionate about art, and very knowledgeable. She was very engaging and gave interesting history about the Uffizi building, the Medici family, the artists, and individual pieces of art. Being guided through a very crowded museum and being shown the famous and important pieces helped make the experience meaningful rather than overwhelming. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who loves art and art history!”

Tonya, March 2019

“We definitely wanted to visit the Uffizi while in Florence, and after booking Valentina’s tour, I wouldn’t want to experience it any other way. Valentina’s expertise and story telling make the Uffizi come to life. Not only did it make access to the museum super easy, but provided a wonderful and immersive journey into Renaissance art. If you are thinking of going to the Uffizi while in Florence, definitely check out this tour to get a one-of-a-kind guide!”

Sarah, September 2018

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