Duomo of Florence

In Piazza del Duomo in Florence you can find the historical, religious and artistic center of the city.

This tour includes initially a walking tour of the big square where the Complex of the Duomo creates a vast open-air museum including three main buildings, the cathedral, the baptistry and the bell-tower, beside countless works of art.

Then, with one combined ticket, you will visit two sites: first the inside of the Battistero di San Giovanni to marvel at the glittering mosaics that struck the imagination of the Italian poet Dante in the Middle Ages and following the Opera del Duomo Museum which contains the famous Gates of Heaven by Ghiberti.

Inside the collection I will also present the works of the great masters of the Renaissance, Brunelleschi, Donatello and Michelangelo, that contributed to the decoration of the most iconic church in Florence.

No visitor that seeks a better understanding of the rich past of the city should omit this visit of the Duomo.

Price: 165,00 €Duration: 02h30

“This was a really special tour. She has a passion that she could share with us that was wonderful!”

Anne, October 2019

“The tour was excellent and Valentina was a superb guide. Expert in her knowledge and her ability to explain the art themes.”

Joy, June 2019

“Valentina was WONDERFUL and her tour was one of the highlights of our stay in Florence (which is saying a lot because Florence is GREAT). She was really smart and easy to talk to, and the information she told us was fascinating. She is a treasure trove of information about Florence, so although we did this tour right before heading out of town, I would highly recommend starting your trip to Florence by booking this tour, and then ask Valentina for recommendations on what to do for the rest of your stay. She’s a born Florentine and knows her stuff.”

Kate, September 2018

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