Women of the Renaissance

As a young woman I am very glad to live in a time when women are starting to get their piece of the cake.

As a historian I would like to look back in time to share with others the stories of past women who didn’t get the same opportunity, but that history – how providentially for us! – has failed to erase.

This is a tour of Florence that finally gives credit to the women that shaped the history of the city.

Were they protagonists of their time? Or victims? How did they live during the Renaissance time? I am going to tell you the stories of the Medici women, those who had the power to influence the course of history and also those who were trampled by the chauvinist world they lived in.

Walking in the centre of Florence I will try to give voices to women rulers, women artists, women who happened to be inspiring muses of the painters of the Renaissance.

Price: 200,00 €Duration: 02h30

“Unique Perspective. Valentina provides a well researched topic about which she very knowledge. Great tour of the city from a different perspective.”

Diana, October, 2019

“Valentina: smart, enthusiastic and passionate to share those hidden stories about talented and witty women having contributed to make Florence the city it is.”

Albane, August, 2019

“I cannot recommend Valentina’s Women of the Renaissance tour highly enough!! Valentina was so lovely and enthusiastic – she’s a real historical expert with a passion for her subjects and is very easy to listen to and get along with. Her tour was packed with unique historical knowledge that I couldn’t have got elsewhere and has definitely been the highlight of my trip to Florence. Thank you”

Kerry, May, 2019

“Valentina’s tour was amazing! I did a lot of research and didn’t see another experience like it. So I was really excited for it – and the tour exceded my expectations! We went to the tradicional touristic places (and learned about the women involved with them), but we also got to know some different spots. Also, Valentina is very sweet, kind and speaks fluent english!”

Julia, April, 2019

“Valentina’s tour is unique. History, too often is… ‘his story’. Valentina offers a far broader perspective. Her tour is not ‘a women’s tour’ but a tour for people who would like to learn more about renaissance society as a whole. Above that, Valentina is an excellent tour guide. Very kind, very communicative and very knowledgeable. I would very much recomend anyone this experience and thank you Valentina for the interesting conversations on genderroles in nowadays society. Best regards”

Jonathan, February 2019

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