Medici Tour

The name of the Medici is famous in the world. As one of the most powerful families in the history of Italy, they used their wealth to dominate the political scene in Florence and later in Tuscany.

How it came that they accumulated their riches? Was Lorenzo de’ Medici really so “Magnificent”? Why the Medici became so important? This tour will give you the answers to these questions and much more.

While walking in the centre of Florence it is possible to trace the steps of the Medici from their first house to the splendid palaces they built to show off their power. Their mark is still on many places and monuments such as Ponte Vecchio and Palazzo della Signoria.

The family love for art assured that the Medici became patrons of the greatest architects, sculptors and painters of their time.

You will learn about the friendship that united Cosimo de’ Medici and Donatello and the how the mighty family used the genius and talent of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo for their political agenda.

Price: 165,00 €Duration: 02h30

“What a wonderful and inspiring morning!!! Can highly recommend this tour. Valentina clearly has passion for her city and the biographies of remarkable man and women of the past! Loved every second of it. Grazie!!!”

Barbara, April, 2019

“Interesting and worthwhile session with a passionate Art Historian. Highly recommended. Thank you so much, Valentina.”

Neil, October, 2018

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