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Families and Children Tours

Specialized tours for children and families visiting Florence for the first time.
The National Archaeological Museum of Florence Mummies, monsters and imaginery creatures..
The Museum of Archeology in Florence (MAF) consist of the Egyptian Museum and the Etruscan Museum...
Roman Florentia 

Walking tour in quest of the ancient roman city.


Florence was founded as a Roman town, and walking through the streets in the present city center you can discover the marks of its past…

The Museum of Anthropology


Around the world in 80 minutes


A cape made of Ibis feathers, an apron made of llama fur, waterproof cloths made of whale bladder, these and stranger objects are in the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography... 

 Davanzati Museum

A Florentine Renaissance house


The Davanzati House is the perfect musuem for children. From the courtyard to the roof it represents the model palace of 15th century Florence... 
La Specola Museum of Zoology

Animals and much more


The Specola Museum preserves one of the most ancient collections of natural history in Italy.  From the hall of the skeletons to the museum rooms, rare species are exhibited such as the duck-billed platypus and the thylacine also called Tasmanian Tiger...
The Museum of Paleontology 

Mastodons, preistoric elephants and exstint great mammals 


Why some of the biggest preostoric animals don't exist anymore? Come to the Musuem of Paleontology to find it out! You will see the exstint mastodons who lived in Tuscany thousands of years ago...
The Stibbert Museum

The ride...through time


Frederick Stibbert was a very unusual persnoality. The collection of the Stibber Museum with the numerous armours would make green with envy even a medieval knight! But the villa holds much more, like the portraits of the picture gallery...  
The “Paolo Graziosi” Prehistoric Museum 

Cro-Magnon Man and Cave Art


The Prehistoric Museum holds objects that date back to the Early Stone Age and to the Bronze and Iron Age. It is organized in a didactic room and an exhibition section...