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Raffaello Sanzio Tours


Raffaello, for the English speaking public Raphael, has been celebrated for centuries as the highest Renaissance painter, whose name is associated only with those of the great Michelangelo and of the inventive Leonardo. When he died at 37, Raphael was mourned as the artistic comet, that has shined to bright and passed too fast. However Raphael’s classicism conditioned the tradition of European painting for many centuries to follow. Raffaello Sanzio was born in Urbino where his father, Giovanni Santi, was court painter. He was most influenced by Perugino, until he came to Florence in 1504 to study the famous works by Michelangelo and Leonardo, who were occupied in the frescoes – now lost –  in Palazzo della Signoria. He worked particularly as a portraitist and a painter of private religious subjects, like the beautiful and moving Madonnas, now in the Pitti Palace. Pope Julius II called the artist to his court when he was only 25 and just a few years later he was commissioned to fresco the Vatican “Stanze”. In Rome he also painted the portraits of Pope Julius II and Pope Leo X and then became one of the greatest portraitist of all history.
Florence has the honour of owning the greatest collection of Raphael paintings after Rome. The collection includes the works he painted in Florence between 1504 and 1508 and a selection of paintings later acquired by the museums. All masterpieces are exhibited in the Uffizi Gallery and in the Pitti Palace, the two major picture galleries of Florence.
So here are offered two guided tours in these museums:

“Raphael in the Uffizi Gallery”                                                                                 

A guided walk through the Uffizi Gallery is the perfect way to introduce the highlight of the collection, the room dedicated to Raphael. The museum holds 8 paitings by the artist, the Self-portrait, the early portraits made in central Italy and Florence, even the prestigious commission of the Medici Pope.
Guided tour 2h
Tickets Uffizi Gallery (6,50 €)
For more information about opening hours and prices see the website of the Uffizi Gallery.

“Raphael in the Palatine Gallery”                                                                            

The visit proposed to pass through the splendidly decorated granducal apartments in the Pitti Palace where the picture gallery is held, showing a collection of Renaissance paintings second only to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Scattered in the wonderful sequence of halls there are Raphael’s masterpieces, such as theMadonna della Seggiola and the female portrait called La Velata.
Guided tour 2h
Tickets Palatine Gallery  (8,50 €)
For more information about opening hours and prices see the website of the Palatine Gallery.