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Michelangelo Tours


Recognised even by contemporaries as a genius, Michelangelo was the only artist who was considered to have exceeded Antiquity in his lifetime. Sculptor, architect, painter and poet, Buonarroti is the symbol of the High Renaissance.
He was born in Caprese in the 1475 and started his successful career as a sculptor under the patronage of Lorenzo de’ Medici. At the beginning of the 16th century  he was summoned in Rome by the Pope to work at St Peter’s and to paint in fresco the Sistine Chapel.
In Florence countless masterpieces by Michelangelo remain and continue to attrack visitors from all over the world. The tours here suggested wish to offer a full overview of this major artist, from the early years in the Giardino of San Marco to universal artistic icons such as the David in the Accademia Gallery and the Tondo Doni in the Uffizi Gallery.

“The Alpha and the Omega of Michelangelo”                                                   

From the first known works by the young Michelangelo in Casa Buonarroti to the memorial in the church of Santa Croce.     
Guided tour 1,5 h
Combined ticket (Casa Buonarroti + Santa Croce) 8,50 €.
For more information about opening hours and prices see the websites of Casa Buonarroti and Santa Croce.


“Apollo and Dionysus…Night and Day”  

Visit the Bargello National Museum, where the early sculpture of Bacco is exhibited with the beautiful Madonna of the Pitti Doni, and the unfinished Apollo-David. Then enter one of the most magical place in Florence, the New Sacristy, in the Museum of Medici Chapels.                                                                                           
Guided tour 2 h
Tickets Bargello Museum (6,00 €) and Medici Chapels (6,00 €).
For more information about opening hours and prices see the websites of Bargello Museum and the Museum of Medici Chapels.

“All for one and one for all. Michelangelo and the Medici”   

Michelangelo’s relationship with the Medici had its upside down, but there is no doubt that many generations of this family had great consideration for his work. Look at the Medici commissions in the Casa Buonarroti, visit the Medici Chapels and the Laurentian Library.                                                                                                           
Guided tour 3h
Tickets Casa Buonarroti (6,50 €), Medici Chapels  (6,00 €) and Laurentian Library (3,00 €).
For more information about opening hours and prices see the websites of Casa Buonarroti, the Museum of Medici Chapels and Laurentian Library